ZhiCong Dai
Associate Professor ZhiCong Dai
Visiting Fellow
Field of Research: 
Plant Ecology, Microbial Ecology, Invasion Ecology
Contact details:

Level 5 East
Biological Sciences North (D26)
UNSW, Kensington 2052


My research has two foci, one basic and one applied. The focus of my basic research is on how the life forms and functions of microorganism to affect the growth & health and competitive abilities of higher plants (especially alien invasive plants) under global change context. For example, I am exploring the effects of root-associated bacteria on the competitive abilities of invasive plants Wedelia trilobata and Solidago canadensis. The focus of my applied research is on the development and application of new microorganism and plant sources for environmental remediation, agriculture and horticulture. For example, I am exploring the new plant sources in the remediation of heavy metal pollution, and the new microorganism sources in the bio-control of agricultural pathogens.



(1) China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (special funding project)-Contribution of interaction with rhizosphere microbial communities to the successful invasion of exotic plants, Grant no. 2017T100329 (Host)

(2) National Natural Science Foundation of China (2017-2019)-Diversity of root-associated bacteria and its effects and mechanisms on the successful invasion of alien plant, Grant no.31600326 (Host)

(3) Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu (2015-2018)-The mechanism of root-associated bacteria on invasion of Solidago canadensis, Grant no.BK20150504 (Host)

(4) China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (2016-2018)- Grant no. 2016M590416 (Host)

(5) Jiangsu University Research Foundation for Advanced Talents (2014-2018), Grant no. 14JDG010 (Host)


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