Wuhui Duan.JPG
Wuhui Duan
Visiting Fellow
Field of Research: 
Speleothem and Paleoclimatology, Uranium series dating technique, Karst hydrogeochemistry
Contact details:

Level 5 East
Biological Sciences South (E26)
UNSW, Kensington 2052



Duan, W.H., Ruan, J.Y, Luo, W.J., Li, T.Y., Tian, L.J., Zeng, G.N., Zhang, D.Z., Bai, Y.J., Li, J.L., Tao, T., Zhang, P.Z, Baker, A., Tan, M., 2016. The transfer ofseasonal isotopic variability between precipitation and drip water at eight caves in the monsoon regions of China. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 183, 250-266. 

Duan, W.H., Cheng, H., Tan, M., Edwards, R.L., 2016. Onset and duration of transitions into Greenland Interstadials 15.2 and 14 in northern China constrained by an annually laminated stalagmite. Scientific Reports 6, 20844.

Duan W.H., Tan M., Ma Z.B., Cheng H. 2014. The palaeoenvironmental significance of δ13C of stalagmite BW-1 from Beijing, China during Younger Dryas intervals inferred from the grey level profile. Boreas 43 (1). 243-250.

Duan W.H., Kotlia, B.S., Tan M. 2013. Mineral composition and structure of the stalagmite laminae from Chulerasim cave, Indian Himalaya, and the significance for palaeoclimatic reconstruction. Quaternary International 298. 93-97. 

Duan W.H., Cai B.G., Tan M., Liu H., Zhang Y. 2012. The growth mechanism of the aragonitic stalagmite laminae from Yunnan Xianren Cave, SW China revealed by cave monitoring. Boreas 41 (1). 113-123.