Workplace Inspections

Workplace inspections contribute to element 4 of the UNSW Risk Management Program (Hazard Identification and Risk Management). Specifically, the inspections form part of the School’s compliance with UNSW Inspection, Testing and Monitoring Procedure.

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure safety in the workplace. However, many hazards may go unnoticed or unreported unless regular inspectors are conducted. The frequency of inspection should be base on risk and reflect the types of hazards identified in the workplace. Inspections are also required in response to hazard and incident reports, incident investigations, or changes to the workplace such as laboratory decommissioning or project cessation.

The purpose of workplace inspections is to:

  • Identify new hazards that might have arisen since the last inspection e.g. building or equipment faults
  • Ensure that risk controls are implemented as listed in Risk Management documents and are working
  • Ensure that facilities and equipment  conform to regulatory requirements and can be used safely
  • Ensure that environmental and personal monitoring is undertaken when required.

Supervisors of work areas are responsible for:

  • Ensuring work place inspections of their areas are carried out at least quarterly (every 3 months)
  • Sending a copy of each report to the Health and Safety Manager
  • Ensuring corrective actions are submitted to appropriate persons via reports on Harm to Zero
  • Following up on corrective actions if no action has been undertaken within the risk assessed time frame.

Workplace inspection checklists are available for:

  • Offices, general laboratories and workshops (HS048a)
  • Specific laboratories (HS048b)
  • Combined Form HS048ab

Other workplace inspection checklists include:

Two laboratory specific items that should be checked regularly and verified during workplace inspections are:

  • Safety Showers and eyewash stations – checked weekly and documented on a local recording sheet.
  • Laboratory spill kits – the contents checked off against a contents list (and records of checking kept).

Members of the BEES HSCC carry out annual inspections of all workplaces in the School. These are in addition to, and not in place of, local workplace inspections carried out by area supervisors. The inspections may use the workplace inspection checklist (HS048a&b) or may focus on specific hazards or other areas of suspected HS non-compliance e.g. failure to implement risk controls listed in Risk Management Forms or Safe Work Procedures.