Bill Passport
Professor William (Bill) Sherwin
Emeritus Professor
Field of Research: 
Molecular ecology, biodiversity, population genetic models, kinship
Contact details:
+61 2 9385 2119

Room 4109, Level 4 West
Biological Sciences South (E26)
UNSW, Kensington 2052

Research & Current Projects

Research Interests

Bill Sherwin uses molecular genetics in biodiversity management and fundamental evolutionary biology.  His broad research areas are: Evolutionary ecology of parentage, relatedness and group formation, especially in dolphins; Conservation genetics and demography of endangered harvested and invasive species; as well as the Theory of molecular ecology, evolutionary genetics and biodiversity.  He is now embarking on an ambitious program to test all current methods of genetical inference in population genetics, including new methods based on information theory, devised by himself.  At UNSW, as Deputy Head of the School of BEES, and co-coordinator of the Genetics Program, he manages research and teaching spanning these disciplines and others.

Current Projects

- Genetics of harvested prawn populations

- Genetics and social behaviour in dolphins

- Genetics of Queensland Fruit Flies – Australia’s worst horticultural pest

- Genetic and demographic management of little penguins

- New ways of measuring genetic biodiversity



Visiting Fellows  (Co-directors, Queensland Fruit Fly Research Group)

Marriane Frommer

John Sved

Postdoctoral Research Fellows (Queensland Fruit Fly Research Group)

Stewart Gilchrist

Deborah Shearman

Lisa Williams



BIOS2021 Genetics (Lecturer)

BIOS6671 Biodiversity and Conservation of Natural Resources (Lecturer)

BABS3151 Human Genetics and Variation (Lecturer)

BABS3291 Genes, Genomes and Evolution (Lecturer)





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(NB this is a solicited article, but it was peer-reviewed anonymously)

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