Volunteer Approval Request HS010

Are you Intending to engage volunteers in laboratory, field or any other UNSW work?

Volunteers can:

  • participate in fieldwork,
  • drive UNSW vehicles, and
  • work in laboratories

Providing they meet the same conditions that apply to staff and students, including possession of appropriate licences and undergoing relevant inductions and training.

Make sure your volunteers are approved by the School, this is important as we want our volunteers to be covered by UNSW insurance* at all times.

To bring on-board a volunteer, you need to make sure you have a documented Risk Management Form, an outlined Safe Work Procedure and have made arrangement for all inductions to be completed. In some cases you may need to have a documented Activity.

Ensure you make arrangements for the volunteers to attend building inductions as soon as possible.

Step 1. Obtain a digital copy of the Volunteer approval form here: https://safety.unsw.edu.au/sites/default/files/documents/HS010_Fieldwork_Volunteer_form_0.doc

Step 2. Add your volunteer names and the period of time they will volunteer with the School. Where it states Brief Description add all RMF/SWP/Activity details here.

    • Volunteers can not replace full-time employees, or take over full-time employment roles, be aware of local employment laws.

Step 3. You are the applicant^ so complete the form, have your supervisor#/group leader approve the volunteer/s being brought into the group to do the work.

Step 4. Email the completed signed form to SCI BEES FieldWork bees-fieldwork@unsw.edu.au. Allow 3 Business Days to process your application and have the returned signed foms sent back to you. 

#You will be asked for confirmation that each volunteer has received a copy of the relevant RMF/Activity and that they have signed and dated the document to indicate that they have read and understood it.  This evidence must be kept.

Applicant Responsibilities

You must ensure your volunteer:

  • Attend building and lab inductions (if they are accessing the building / labs). See information here with the relevant contacts to organise inductions https://www.bees.unsw.edu.au/building-access
  • Has been trained in the volunteer work and read & declared as read any relevant RMF/SWP/Activity before they begin. Without access to SafeSys, document this via paper or email#.
  • Are provided with or have the PPE required for the tasks being undertaken.


Q: Do my volunteers need to be registered?

A: Yes, your volunteer needs to be registered via the HS010 form, volunteers

  • Do not have a UNSW zID, or
  • Have a zID but they are a non-continuing student, or
  • Have a zID, they are a continuing student, but the volunteer work is not closely related to their past or future course work.

Q: Can i leave my registered volunteer on their own to do the work? 

A: No registered volunteers are no permitted to work unsupervised.

Q: Can I start my volunteer before the paperwork is done?

A: No. Volunteers are not covered by insurance if they have not been approved.

Other Information

In most cases, volunteers with a zID will receive business hours access (Monday to Friday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm) to the building and labs once they have completed the relevant inductions and training.

Help the paper struggle, no paper forms to be submitted - if you have printed the form for signing then scan (do not photograph), rename the file, and email with HS010 and Surname in the subject line.

 *Registered volunteers are covered by the University's Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance provided that they have been officially approved. Enrolled and /or continuing students are covered by UNSW’s insurance, it is strongly advised that they are registered as volunteers if the work is not closely related to their past or future course work. There is no requirement for continuing students, where the volunteer work is closely related to their past or future course work, to be registered as volunteers, and, given possession of appropriate licences and undergoing relevant inductions and training, they may work unsupervised.

^ The Applicant is the person seeking approval and permission to recruit volunteers to assist with a project. This person may be the project leader but can also be a person working under the supervision of the project leader.

#The Supervisor is the project leader. If the project leader is also the Applicant, then print “supervisor” in the space for the Applicants name.