Volunteer Approval Request HS010


Intending to engage volunteers in laboratory, field or any other UNSW work?


Volunteers can participate in fieldwork, drive UNSW vehicles, and work in laboratories providing they meet the same conditions that apply to staff and students, including possession of appropriate licences and undergoing relevant inductions and training.


Volunteers are not permitted to work unsupervised.


Volunteers are covered by the University's Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance provided that they have been officially approved. Although enrolled and /or continuing students are covered by UNSW’s insurance, it is strongly advised that they are registered volunteers if the work is not closely related to their past or future course work.



Official Approval Process (at BEES)


Read the instructions and work restrictions detailed on both sides of the HS010 Volunteer Approval Request Form available from the UNSW safety website (Documents and Resources).


Complete the form (electronically if you can).  Several volunteers can be included on the one form.

  1. In "Brief description" it helps if you can quote relevant SafeSys document numbers (if any).
  2. If the applicant and the supervisor are the same person, write "as above".
  3. Save the form as "HS010 [Surnames of volunteers]"
  4. If the work restrictions listed on HS010, and any other related procedures, inductions & training for the work are met then the Head of School (or the delegate) approval is granted - no need to seek a signature.
  5. Email the form to BEES Fieldwork (SCI BEES FieldWork email: bees-fieldwork@unsw.edu.au ) inlcude the applicant, supervisor, and volunteers so that copies are held by all. The HSE Coordinator will review the application and raise any questions directly with the applicants.


Help save the planet, no paper forms to be submitted - if you printed the form for signing then scan (do not photograph), rename the file, and email with HS010 in the subject line.