The United Nations Foundation and the IPCC Report

Tuesday 8 October, 2013
Climate Change Research Centre Seminar Room, Level 4, Mathews Building

Presenter: Kalee Kreider

Institution: United Nations Foundation


Kalee Kreider has worked for twenty years at the intersection of policy and communications. She currently manages her own consulting practice working for a small handful of clients. In that capacity she is directing an international project for the United Nations Foundation which seeks to support the release of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report in 10 markets around the world.

Previously, she served nearly seven years as Vice President Gore's environmental advisor and communications director developing strategy for the release of an Academy Award winning documentary, three best-selling books, and a top selling I-Tunes app. She worked with counterparts at Apple, Google, Kleiner Perkins, Generation Investment Management, the Walker Agency, Climate Reality, and Current TV to manage Vice President Gore's interests and profile.

She has also worked as campaigns director for energy and climate change at the National Environmental Trust (now Pew Environment Group) and Greenpeace International and managed the Washington Office of Fenton Communications. Kreider began her career working three years in federal government, most notably on the Crime Bill Implementation Team, early in the Clinton Administration.