Undergraduate Student Experience

UNSW Science - Biological, Earth & Environmental Science

UNSW has a national and international reputation for quality education and research in many fields of biological, geographical and geological sciences.

The School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences (BEES) incorporates these environmentally relevant disciplines enabling the School to offer a comprehensive education in the traditional, mainstream disciplines of Biology, Geography and Geology. This also allows us to provide our students with opportunities for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary studies, notably in the Marine and Environmental Sciences.

Our Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree programs are available to qualified students and cater for a wide array of interests and career paths. An additional 4th Year Honours Program is available to all students who have performed well in earlier years, including students from universities other than UNSW. There is almost no limit to the area of research in Master (MSc) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs.

UNSW Biological Sciences Program - Caitlin Anderson

Starting university may seem daunting, but don't be nervous. Take some advice from Caitlin Anderson - all those people in your classes are just friends you haven't met yet. Caitlin guides us through her Biology degree, and as you will see, whether you are interested in birds, bats, or bugs; fish or fossils; plants or plankton, UNSW is the place for you. The perfect video about the perfect degree for all aspiring Biologists.

UNSW Marine & Earth Science Student Experience

Interested in Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences but can't decide on one particular BEES major? No problem! Give them all a go! Bethany Ellis did a double major in Earth and Marine Sciences and was able to work in a plethora of subjects and study interests in the one degree. Now in honours Bethany is working in the field of Climate Science.


UNSW Geography and Earth Sciences Student Experience - Jai Donnelly

What happens when a builder is inspired by the landscapes and people of South America? He decides to study Geography and Environmental Earth Science at UNSW. Hear Jai Donnelly, a mature-age student, describe the beautiful places he has been, all the things he has learned and the characters he has met during his UNSW degree.

UNSW Marine Science Student Experience - Sol Wadani

Australians love the beach and ocean and Sol Wadani is no exception. So when he came across UNSW's degree in Marine Science, he was sold. For someone who grew up on the coast and lived in the water, Marine Science is perfect, especially the fieldtrips that allowed him to learn in a hands-on way -- in the water of course!

UNSW Biological Sciences Student Experience - Alicia Ryan

If you are interested in water, animals, plants and even poo, Ecology might just be the study area for you! Meet Alicia Ryan, a third year Advanced Science student, who describes her UNSW experience so far, including going on amazing field trips and making lifelong friends.

UNSW BEES International Student Experience - Andrew Yu

A student in Hong Kong = suit and tie, working in a sky-scraper. A Hong Kong student in Australia = t-shirts and shorts, working on the beach! Andrew Yu recently completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Geography and Psychology at UNSW. Hear all about the Aussie study experience of a boy from Hong Kong.