Undergraduate Course List 2019

Please note this list is tentative and offerings across semesters are subject to change.

Term 1

BEES2041 Data Analysis for Life and Earth Sciences

BEES6800 Science Communication

BIOS1301 Ecology and Sustainability

BIOS3081 Ocean to Estuarine Ecosystems

BIOS3161 Life in Arid Lands

BIOS3601 Advanced Field Biology

BIOS3681 Ocean Biology and  Fisheries-Advanced Level

CLIM2001 Fundamentals of Atmospheric Science

GEOS1211 Earth and Environmental Science

GEOS2071 Life through Time

GEOS2131 Field Methods and Mapping

GEOS3731 Coastal Geomorphology

GEOS3821 Geographic Data Analysis

GEOS3911 Environmental Impact Assessment

MSCI2001 Introductory Marine Science

MSCI5005 Topic in Marine Science

Term 2

BEES2741 Introduction to Astrobiology: Life in the Universe

BEES3041 Big Data in the Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences

BIOS1101 Evolutionary and Functional Biology

BIOS2011 Evolutionary and Physiological Ecology

BIOS2061 Vertebrate Zoology

BIOS2500 Evolution and the Modern World

BIOS3011 Animal Behaviour

BIOS6723 River Basin Ecosystem Management

CLIM1001 Introduction to Climate Change

CLIM3001 Climate Systems Science

GEN0401 Introduction to Climate Change

GEOS1701 Environmental Systems, Processes and Issues

GEOS2021 Human Origins and Prehistory

GEOS2181 Earth Materials

GEOS2711 Australian Climate & Vegetation

GEOS2821 GIS and Remote Sensing

GEOS3071 Life on a Dynamic Earth

GEOS3281 Environnmental and Contaminant Geochemistry

GEOS3761 Environmental Change

MSCI3001 Physical Oceanography

MSCI5004 Oceanographic Processes 

Term 3

BEES6741 Astrobiology

BEES6800 Science Communication

BIOS2031 Biology of Invertebrates

BIOS2051 Flowering Plants

BIOS2123 Ecosystem Conservation and Management

BIOS3061 Plant Ecology

BIOS3091 Marine and Aquatic Ecology

BIOS3171 Evolution

BIOS3221 Assembling the Tree of Life

BIOS6671  Biodiversity and Conservation of Natural Resources

CLIM1001 Introduction to Climate Change

GEN0401 Introduction to Climate Change

GEOS1111 Fundamentals of Geology

GEOS2241 Climate Change and Energy Policy

GEOS2291 Earth’s Interconnections

GEOS2721 Australian Surface Environments and Landforms

GEOS3141 Mineral and Energy Resources

GEOS3171 Earth Structures

GEOS3721 Australian Soil Use and Management

GEOS3733 Environmental Geophysics

GEOS3811 Advanced Techniques in Remote Sensing

GEOS3921 Coastal Resource Management

GEOS6733 Environmental Geophysics

Summer U1B and Term T2C

BEES6601 Sydney Environment

MSCI0501 The Marine Environment