Professor Tony Milne
Honorary Visiting Profer
Contact details:
+61 2 9385 8097

Room 641B, D26 Building
UNSW, Kensington 2052

  • Mapping and monitoring the incidence and severity of bushfires; change detection techniques in semi-arid lands; use of synthetic aperture radar in vegetation analysis, land surface assessment and global processing.
  • Currently joint Principal Investigator for ERS-1 (European Space Agency) and JERS- (Japanese Space Agency) and RADARSAT (Canadian Space Agency) satellite radar experiments; co-investigator for the NASA Shuttle Imaging Radar (SIR-C) and member of NASA/AUSTRALIA management team and Science Coordinator for the NASA/JPL AIRSAR deployment in Australia, September 1993, and co-chairman of the United States NASA Pacific Rim RadarExperiment, October-November 1996.
  • Editor, Assistant Editor, Member of Editorial Board of three international journals;
  • Appointed Member, Commission on Geographical Education, International Geographical Union, 1980-88;
  • Member, Organising Committee of the 26th Congress of the International.
  • Geographical Union Congress 1988, and UN/FAO/WMO/ESA Training Course on Remote Sensing, 1989;
  • Chairman, remote Sensing Association of Australia, 1979-83; 
  • Director Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Association of Australia Ltd 1996.
  • Chairman, New South Wales Remote Sensing Committee and member of the Remote Sensing Council of New South Wales, November, 1989.
  • Undertaken nine consultancies in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, 1984-1995;
  • Presented eight invited symposia lectures in Australia, Asia and USA 1984-1995, and seventeen invited lectures;
  • Participated in thirty-six short courses in Australia and twelve in Asia, 1984-1995;
  • Total funded research awards 1984-1995 (with colleagues) $1,667,259 in remote sensing related projects.