Summer Vacation Research Scholarships

The UNSW Science Summer Vacation Research Scholarship exposes highly talented undergraduate students, enrolled in Science or a related discipline, to scientific research and other science-based experience, and to further their education and inspire them to consider research or related activities. The scholarship program will run for a six week period over the Summer Semester (November to February).

How to apply

To apply you will need to submit the following:

Supporting Documentation

Please submit the following with your Scholarship application:

  • An electronic copy of your CV

  • An electronic copy of your academic transcript

Applications are now open and will close Friday 14 September 2018.


Summer Scholarship 2018-2019 Projects

Characteristics of Beach Users on Hazardous Unpatrolled Beaches

Supervised by: Associate Professor Rob Brander

How do large bushfires impact subsequent local climate? 

Supervised by: Professor Jason Evans & J. Sharples

How will future changes in East Coast lows affect coastal erosion? 

Supervised by: Professor Jason Evans, I. Turner & M. Harley

Seed ecology of the rare species Actinotus forsythii

Supervised by: Dr Mark Ooi & Dr John Porter

Fire and ecosystem processes: soil-plant feedbacks

Supervised by: Dr Mark Ooi & Dr Miriam Muñoz-Rojas

Using remote sensing to characterise the spatial configuration of resources used by lizard species following cultural burning in semi-arid woodlands

Supervised by: Dr Eren Turak (NSW OEH), and Professor Graciela Metternicht 

The physiology of coral bleaching

Supervised by: Associate Professor Tracy Ainsworth

Using remote sensing to track the condition Rufous Scrub-bird habitat in cool-temperate rainforests in the Gondwana Rainforests World Heritage Area

Supervised by: Dr Eren Turak (NSW OEH), Dr Simon Ferrier (CSIRO) and Professor Graciela Metternicht

Palaeontological discovery from space: remote sensing to discover fossil treasure under desert sands 

Supervised by: Professor Mike Archer, Professor Sue Hand, Associate Professor Shawn Laffan, Professor Graciela Metternicht