How to Join?

Interested in BEES Honours but no idea where to start? 

Step 1

Start by talking to BEES academics OR search under Honours Projects.  To search for a suitable BEES academic please click Find a Supervisor on the yellow bar above.  To view Honours Projects please click Honours Projects on the yellow bar above.  The list of Honours Projects are updated every term.

Step 2

Once you have a supervisor and project name confirmed you may submit the formal Honours Application via the Science Honours website by clicking How to Apply on the yellow bar above. 

Tip: If you are studying the UNSW Advance Science program with Honours please apply under Category B (embedded), all other applications will be under Category A (4500 Standalone and External).

Category A applications are assessed by UNSW Admissions, they will provide a list of potential applicants to the Faculty of Science within 4 weeks of the closing date.  Schools will run final checks with the Faculty and inform Admissions with eligible applicants.  Eligible applicants will receive an offer from Admissions.  Once an offer is made and accepted you may begin the process of enrolment into BEES4517 (16UoC).

Eligible applicants in Category B will receive an offer directly from Schools.  Same timeline applies.  

The BEES Honours Moodle page will be available for students to view one week prior to week 1.  

Honours Project