We borrow methods from other sciences to invent better ways to understand natural populations:

  • Endangered, pest, harvested species
  • Measuring and forecasting molecular biodiversity
  • The methods are also used on ecological datasets

You could join us in any of three different ways:

  • Trials on our datasets of vertebrates, invertebrates, plants
  • Trials with computer simulations
  • Even invent more methods of your own

You need to like genetics & conservation, and be OK with high-school maths ( +, -, x, /).  


This project will investigate whether new methods are better at forecasting or measuring molecular biodiversity

Student Benefits

You’ll take part in a very active research area that is vital to conservation management and general evolutionary ecology. The skills you’ll learn through this project include:

  • Analysing large molecular and/or ecological datasets
  • Writing computer programs
  • Writing a scientific paper

Honours students in our lab publish their work in journals, such as

  • Conservation Genetics Resources
  • Australian Journal of Botany