Animal ecology and evolution looks at the ecological causes and evolutionary consequences of changes within species. It can be broadly defined as the relationship and interactions between animals and their environment.

At UNSW, our researchers observe changes in animal behaviour, morphology, diet, reproduction, natural selection and life-history. View our current projects and connect with an honours project supervisor to learn how you can get involved.

The project uses cognitive bias tests to quantify animal optimism and investigate the interaction between animal personality and optimism.

Supervisor: Prof. Shinichi Nakagawa

This research will reveal, for the first time, the extent to which environmental variation in nutrient abundance can shape mating systems.

Supervisor: Prof. Russell Bonduriansky 

This project will involve innovative experiments to test for the effects of basking in natural versus artificial light on the development of laboratory insects.

Supervisor: Prof. Russell Bonduriansky 

Investigate how variation in the inner ear structures of bats relates to their ability to hear very low sounds.

Supervisor: Dr Laura Wilson, Professor Suzanne Hand

Does predicable vs. unpredictable changes in temperature alter individual behaviour and learning?

Supervisor: Dr Erin Macartney, Dr Szymon Drobniak, Prof Shinichi Nakagawa

This project studies how willing people are to project gender onto computerised entities, particularly chatbots.

Supervisor: Professor Robert Brooks