Dr Tempe Adams

Research Coordinator, Elephants Without Borders

Dr Tempe Adams did a Bachelor of Environmental Science, Hons and PhD here at UNSW Biological Earth and Environmental Sciences majoring in Biology. Her PhD research was in collaboration with Botswanan-based wildlife NGO ‘Elephants Without Borders’ (EWB) which led her to the role of Research Coordinator. Tempe runs the EWB human-wildlife coexistence program where she trials new mitigations in deterring elephants from crop fields, monitors wildlife use of urban and agricultural corridors, interviews local stakeholders to determine conflict hotspots and runs campaigns educating people to coexist with wildlife. She also co-supervises Centre for Ecosystem Science PhD students researching herbivore ecology in the Okavango Delta.

If this sounds like a dream job, UNSW Biological Earth and Environmental Sciences run the River Basin Ecosystem Management (BIOS6723) course. During this course, students travel to Botswana to the EWB research camp with Dr Tempe to learn about river ecology within the World Heritage-listed Okavango Delta. Visit Elephants Without Borders to learn more about Tempe’s research and the fascinating work of EWB.

Tempe Adams with elephants