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The UNSW School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences has a national and international reputation for quality education and research. Our disciplines span across the fields of Biological, Geographical and Geological Sciences. Explore our undergraduate and postgraduate study options and choose a pathway that best aligns with your future goals and career plans.

We offer a variety of courses that sit within our five major disciplines, including Biology, Earth Science, Marine Science, Climate Science and Geography. With over 50 courses to choose from, you can follow your interests and specialise in what excites you the most.

Our School is home to six majors including Biology, Climate Science, Earth Science, Ecology, Geography and Marine and Coastal Science. Gain insight into the degrees that allow you to study our majors and view a sample of a degree outline.

Honours gives you a chance to develop your research and professional skills in a specific area of study. You’ll receive close supervision with an academic and upon graduation, you’ll be exposed to new job opportunities. Honours is also a pathway into postgraduate research such as a Masters by Research or a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Our Master of Marine Science Management addresses new approaches to Marine Science, including information systems and remotely sensed data analysis. Our postgraduate research programs embrace hands-on training to prepare you for a career as an independent researcher. View our master degree and our postgraduate research programs: Doctor of Philosophy, Masters by Research and Master of Philosophy.

Scholarships, Prizes & Awards

At UNSW, we pride ourselves on rewarding excellence and making university life accessible to students from all walks of life. Whether you’re a local or international student, our range of scholarships, prizes and awards are there to support your journey.

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Future Students

UNSW Science gives students the space to discover their own path. We provide you with career-focused degrees that will prepare you for tomorrow’s workforce. Our supportive and inclusive environment will help you flourish and achieve an exciting and fulfilling future.

Our lecturers and tutors are passionate about positively influencing students by equipping them with the right skills and knowledge to make an impact on the world around them.

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International Students

We're the university of choice for thousands of students from around the world. Our graduates are successful in getting jobs and developing careers in all areas of industry, research and business. We’re passionate about equipping you to contribute to the world.

View our key dates, events, areas of interest, global opportunities and much more.

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View career options in Biology, Earth Science, Climate Science, Marine Science & Ecology. See how you can achieve your dream career by studying at UNSW.

Our student societies bring together people from all areas of Geosciences and Biological Sciences and our volunteer opportunities allow you to get involved in a range of in field experiences.

Our research spans across four areas including Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Climate Science; Environmental Change, Sustainability and Resources and Paleoenvironments and Earth History. We allow for complex exploration and understanding of the environment and the world around us.