Student Life

At UNSW Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, we offer a vibrant student life that’s inclusive and immersive for everyone. We offer many opportunities outside the classroom to help you connect with other students, volunteer your time and make the most out of the university experience. Check out our student societies, volunteer opportunities and take a peek at what the undergraduate experience looks like.

Undergraduate Student Experience

Starting university may seem daunting, but don't be nervous. Hear from our current students and alumni about their undergraduate student experience, what they learned, and what they aspire to become. Learn about the industries our alumni work in and explore how UNSW can launch your career.

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Undergraduate Student Experience Weddell Island
BEES Volunteers at Mallee Cliff National Park

Volunteer Opportunities

Keep up to date and stay informed on any upcoming volunteer opportunities. Frequently, our research initiatives require volunteers to assist on field trips and conducting surveys. View our Facebook volunteer newsfeed to learn about the latest opportunities.

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Arc - Student Life

Run by students, for students, Arc is all about everything outside the classroom. From volunteering opportunities to wellness tips, this not-for-profit organisation aims to create the best possible student experience at UNSW.

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Three students smiling on campus

Student Societies


The Biological Sciences Society brings together students from all fields of Biological Science. This society is the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, gain academic and career support or just have fun.

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The Geosciences Society encourages all students interested in the Geosciences to join. Members gain exclusive access to social activities and have the opportunity to network with industry representatives.

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Ocean and Atmospheric Systems Incorporated Society is for all degrees and interests relating to the oceans and atmosphere. This includes topics such as marine biology/ecology, climate science, paleoclimatology, oceanography and atmospheric science. We aim to form a community for all interested students and connect you with extracurricular opportunities.

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