Stats Central Consultant

Stats Central is a statistical consulting unit established at UNSW in 2016 to provide university-wide support for staff and students during study design and analysis. BEES is a partner school of Stats Central, which means anyone in BEES has access to free ongoing stats support. 

Study design advice (request an appointment)

If you are thinking of conducting a study, but are not sure how to go about it, or if your sample size or design are optimal. 

Statistical advice for students (request an appointment)

We want to improve the statistical capacity of the school by mentoring research students one on one. Students are given advice on the statistical methods they require, assumptions and limitations of these methods, and how to implement them in R. The focus is on building capacity for students to be confident with statistics.

Statistical advice for staff (request an appointment)

This can take many forms, from advice to help with specific analyses.  

Short courses 

We run an intermediate statistics course once a year free for BEES staff and students. We also run general university wide courses at subsidized rates for UNSW students and staff.  In addition, about once a month we run a stats tutorial on a topic of interest to BEES as part of the environmental computing initiative. 

Grant review (request a review)

Free advice on study design and analysis in the project planning stages, advice on how to write details into your grant application from experienced statisticians, and review of draft applications. 

Resources (find resources)

We are involved in developing resources for statistical methods relevant to BEES. These are available on the environmental computing website.