UNSW Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences maintains a fleet of three research boats to support environmental, ecological and fisheries studies around Australia. To be eligible for access to our vessels, you must become a registered user.

Registration & Assessment of Boat Users

To use our boats, register with the Boating Officer and complete the following steps:

  1. Return the Boat Operator Application along with your boat licence, first aid certification and any evidence of sea time.
  2. If you’ll be towing boats, please supply your car licence and if you plan to use boats in coastal areas, supply your Marine Radio Operator licence.
  3. Read and understand the boating safety documents (see below).
  4. Complete a dry induction with the Boating Officer to assess your understanding of our boating policy and to assess your boating needs.
  5. Complete a wet induction with the Boating Officer to assess your boating competencies.
  6. Depending on your experience, you may then need to gain 15 hours of supervised experience driving our boats.

Safety Documents

Safety documents to read prior to registering as a boat user:

Other boat safety documents:

Safety documents for using the punts:

Safety documents for using unpowered watercraft (kayaks, canoes, row boats and paddle boards):

Available Vessels


Eddy is a 5.2m Rigid Inflatable Boat (R.I.B) with twin 60hp mercury engines. Eddy has excellent manoeuvrability and is great for scuba diving and snorkelling. It features removable scuba tank holders. Eddy will suit both in-harbour and off-shore requirements.


Gus is a 5m aluminium Seatamer Triton with twin 40hp Yamaha engines. Gus has ample deck space and excellent draft making this a great vessel for estuarine work. It features a large side door and dive ladder.

Lord Faraday  

Lord Faraday is a 4.3m electrofishing boat with a single 50hp Suzuki engine. It’s owned by the Centre for Ecosystem Science and is currently not in commission.