Scientific Diving


You need to supply the following to the Diving Officer:

  1. Diver registration form. 
  2. Dive certification card with photo.
  3. Log book showing at least 15 hours diving post Open Water certification.
  4. Current AS2299 dive medical (occupational NOT recreational). 
  5. Current Australian issued Apply First Aid certificate.
  6. Current Oxygen Provider certification (DAN O2/Advanced Resuscitation).

Please note that your CPR must also be current. This is normally done as part of the Apply First Aid or Oxygen Provider certifications.

Where to get your Dive Medical?

Where to get your First Aid, CPR and O2 certifications?

Other requirements PRIOR to your registration day and check-out dive with the Diving Officer:

  1. Complete the two UNSW Health and Safety modules through                Health & Safety Awareness (Course HSEAWA / Moodle HSEA0001)                                                                   Ergonomics & Manual Tasks (Course HSEEMT/ Moodle HSEE0001)
  2.  Read and understand the BEES Diving operations manual.
  3.  'Declare as read' the Diving Risk Management Form and Shark Shield Safe Work Procedure on SafeSys:                                                                         You can login to SafeSys using your UNSW ID and Zpass. If you don't have this, contact the Diving officer.
  4.  You also need knowledge of the Diving Standard AS2299.2 and the WHS Diving Regulations.

During your registration day with the Diving Officer you will be assessed on your knowledge of all these documents so you must understand them well. You will also conduct an In-water assessment of your diving competencies as a part of this process.



Dive Plan

Onsite Pre-Dive Plan and Risk Assessment (OSRA)

Dive Logs Air

Dive Logs Mixed Gas

BEES Diving Operations Manual

DCIEM Short Tables