Safety Signage

Safety signs conforming to AS 1319 should be printed or purchased for all laboratories.

Signs on laboratory and  specialist work area e.g. specialist equipment or store room doors must indicate:

  • Name of the lab supervisor and contact information
  • Nature of the Hazards that are present in the work area e.g. hazardous chemical diamonds,
  • Mandatory PPCE required for entry

Supervisors must ensure all safety signage is relevant and current. Yellow door placards should be constructed using the following guide and link to 'How to make your own Safety Hazards Poster’.

To make other safety warning signs, click here.

Signs inside labs must indicate:

  • Names of staff and students allowed to work there
  • Emergency procedures flipcharts and relevant signs indication location of safety devices or equipment
  • Safe Work Procedures
  • Laboratory Layout Plan

Laboratory Layout Plan must indicate:

  • Location of risk management forms
  • Location of SDS’s
  • Location of any fire extinguishers, spill kits and first aid kits


For office safety signs please consult the Office Safety Tool Kit on the UNSW Safety website