Safe Work Procedures

Please note: the link to create an SWP in Safesys is located on the main BEES Health and Safety web page.

The Health and Safety document SWP is an administrative risk control that provides written instructions outlining the preferred and safest method for undertaking a potentially hazardous task. SWPs must be developed for all techniques, processes, equipment and machinery where the risk to health and safety is assessed as medium or high according to the UNSW Risk Rating Procedure. The SWP should include the following information:

  1. Title and description of the activity
  2. Specific information regarding the hazards and associated risks of the task identified by the Risk Management procedure
  3. Resources required and precautions to be undertaken before commencing the task
  4. Personal protective equipment to be worn while undertaking the task
  5.  The environment where the task should be undertaken
  6. Clear step by step instructions for undertaking the task described in a safe manner
  7. Emergency shutdown procedures
  8. Emergency management procedures for fire, spills or exposure to hazardous chemicals, etc.
  9. Clean up and waste disposal requirements
  10. Legislation used to develop the SWP
  11. List the evidence of competency required for someone to be permitted to use the equipment or undertake the task
  12. List the competency required for someone to assess the competency of new inductees
  13. Supervisory approval
  14. Record of inductees

For all hazardous tasks e.g. laboratory procedures that involve the use of hazardous materials and dangerous goods, or specialist fieldwork activities like caving, etc., supervisors must ensure all SWPs are written by competent persons. A competent person is someone who has sound, hands on experience with the task and has the competency to induct others to undertake the task safely.

Supervisors are responsible for ensuring SWPs are displayed for all equipment with identified hazards. Before being granted permission to use equipment, users must receive the training and induction that is prescribed by the SWP and acknowledge they have read and understood the instructions. Record of induction should be included in the supervisor’s training plan.

For more information regarding the development of SWPs refer to HS027 Writing Safe Work Procedures Guideline.

All SWPs are created in Safesys. For further information about Safesys contact the BEES Safesys Administrators.