Rosemary Steinberg
Rosie Steinberg
PhD Candidate
Field of Research: 
Ecology, Conservation, Biological Engineering
Contact details:
Level 4 East
Biological Sciences South (E26)

UNSW, Kensington 2052

Underwater gardens on artificial substrates: a tool for conservation of biodiversity.

I am researching the viability of using artificial structures to transplant native coral species and increase biodiversity. “Underwater gardening” will likely be a useful tool to conservation biologists, managers, and those wishing to beautify the waters off their coast.

Supervisors: Professor Emma Johnston and Dr Katherine Dafforn



Steinberg, R., van der Meer, M. H., Hobbs, J.P. A., Berumen, M., & van Herwerden, L. (2014). Characterization of 22 microsatellite loci for conservation genetic studies of an endemic anemonefish , Amphiprion latezonatus. Conservation Genetics Resources, (2012), 14–16.

Steinberg, R., van der Meer, M., Walker, E., Berumen, M. L., Hobbs, J.P. A., & van Herwerden, L. (2016). Genetic connectivity and self-replenishment of inshore and offshore populations of the endemic anemonefish, Amphiprion latezonatus. Coral Reefs, 35, 959–970.