Reporting Hazards & Incidents


To report a hazard or incident log into myUNSW / Staff Profile/ Health, Safety & Environment then click on Report a Hazard/Incident.  Detailed guidence and short videos on how to report hazards and how to manage hazards please visit:

           UNSW Health and Safety  ->   Hazard and Incident Reporting. 
HS003 Incident Investigation Guide


Other Resources - your lab or fieldwork manager, your supervisor, the relevant health and safety manager or building manager, your representitive on the HSCC, your Head of School.

Hints and Tips:

When reporting issues in the system you need to decide if the issue relates to one of the following scenarios;

  • a workplace Hazard,
  • an incident/injury,
  • an environmental issue,
  • a workplace inspection that was conducted,
  • a first aid report,
  • Self-Audit Tool (SAT) question or
  • internal audit non-conformance.

If you are not sure on how to clarify your issue do not hesitate to contact your supervisor or local health and safety person.