Purchasing and Contractor Engagement

All goods and services purchased for BEES must be done in accordance with the HS316 Purchasing Guideline. The Guideline ensures relevant HS information is obtained for plant and equipment, furniture, hazardous materials and specialist labour prior to arrival at or engagement with UNSW. Refer to UNSW Safety website (Procedures and Forms) for greater clarification regarding the different procedures for engaging contactors and the purchasing equipment.

The UNSW HS website has simple checklists to assist you with gathering appropriate information regarding the hazards and risks associated with the use, transport or storage of potentially hazardous equipment and materials. You should use the pre-purchase checklist list (HS633a) when considering buying new equipment.  HS633b is the checklist for hazardous materials. However, pre purchase checks are not required for hazardous materials sourced through SciQuest as the necessary requirements have already been checked.

The purchaser must obtain information regarding potential hazards associated with new plant or equipment. It is also a requirement that the suppliers of goods and services meet UNSW HS standards i.e. the supplier must ensure that safety information can be supplied with the goods or services and that their workers and contractors are qualified and competent.

Supervisors must ensure that appropriate training and induction is available prior to delivery or use of new equipment. This involves the completion Health and Safety Forms (Risk Management and Safe Work Procedures) and registering the equipment in SafeSys. This process should include identification of any additional safety items e.g. PPCE, and requirements for safety inspection, maintenance and service. Service and maintenance records should be uploaded for the equipment registered in SafeSys.

If you purchase contractor services not supplied through UNSW Facilities Management, e.g. transport, specialist field assistance, equipment maintenance, or other building related activities you take on the responsibilities as a contract manager as stated in the WHS Legislation. Whilst engaging services through FM may not always be the cheapest option, you save time and effort because FM looks after all of the responsibilities and checks.

If you must engage contractor services because FM or UNSW cannot provide a particular contracted service then you must complete these 3 steps:

  1. Request Health and Safety Information from the provider
  2. (If work is to be on UNSW premises) request the contractors complete the FM online training (http://unswfminduction.e3learning.com.au/)
  3. Review the information supplied to ensure it will appropriately manage the risks associated with the work. Use the HS811 Safe Work Method Statement Checklist to assist your review and seek appropriate assistance if you are unsure whether the provider has covered all the hazards associated with the work.

Click here for list of Health and Safety Information to be requested from provider.

Click here for modifiable letter template to the provider

If you need further assistance or information regarding HS requirements for engaging contractors or purchasing equipment please contact either the BEES HS Manager (Chris Myers) or the Faculty of Science HS Coordinator (Lance Islip).