Private Vehicle Use


The use of private vehicles for undertaking University business is discouraged.

Local travellers must utilise University Fleet Services, rental cars, taxis, shuttle services or public transport before using private vehicles for travel on University business.

BEES Staff and Student are reminded the School of BEES Vehicles can be booked for such activities, please log onto the intranet where you will be able to find out about inductions and vehicle bookings - (your ZiD and password is required).

 The School of BEES acknowledges that in some cases the use of private vehicles makes it easier to complete certain activities, in these cases please follow the below process.

Step 1 – complete the MV1 form, this can be  found on the finance website - or use the link provided here MV1.

Step 2 - Please submit this with a copy of your vehicle registration and comprehensive insurance in either of the following processes:

      1. Email a copy of your vehicle registration and fully paid comprehensive insurance to SCI BEES FieldWork

      2. Or in-person to your local contacts listed below;

        HSE Advisor - Suzanne O'hagan - located on Level 5, D26 Office 520C (5-5178)

        Technical Laboratory Manager - Frank Hemmings – Located on Level 2, D26 Office 201E (5-3274)

Step 3 - The signed authorised form will be returned to you within 3 business days (if it is urgent please call either of the above contacts).


Do I need to do this for local short trips? Yes. This must be done for all UNSW activities, (there is no minimum distance) if your using your vehicle to attend a meeting / training or conference or driving for days to complete research or fieldwork.

How long will the form be valid? The form will be valid until either the registration or insurance expires.

Do I need a new form for each acitivity? No, the existing valid form will remain valid but don’t forget to submit a notification.

What if I don’t own the car? The vehicle may be owned by another person – make sure you get their permission to use it – and provide full registration and insurance as outlined above.

Will UNSW cover damage to my Vehicle? No, UNSW is not liable for any damage your vehicle sustains, if you choose to use your private vehicle it is recommended you have comprehensive insurance.

Do I need an MV1 form for rental cars? No, rental vehciles should obtain sufficient insurance coverage to reduce the excess. Excess is covered by travel insurance (exceed 100km distance) distance under 100km are not covered by Travel Insruance.

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