How to apply

Before applying for admission into a research program at UNSW it is your responsibility to make contact with prospective supervisors directly and discuss project options. To find an appropriate supervisor for your research interestes browse the BEES Academic and Research Staff Profiles. See also the Available PhD Projects page. It may also be helpful if you browse the BEES Postgraduate Research Student Profiles for ideas and guidance towards the types of projects we support. Each student profile links back to their supervisors (and the relevant contact information).

Acquiring acceptance of supervision is very competitive, and as such making contact and securing yourself with agreement from a supervisor is the first major challenge to gaining admission. Generic expressions of interest with a CV attachment sent to numerous people are unlikely to elicit any response. To have a chance at a reply you will need to approach specific research staff with direct interest in their research field and include your own proposals for research under their supervision. Once you have direct interest of supervision you will be prompted to apply.

To lodge an application go to

For a step-by-step guide to the application procedure visit the Graduate Research School's How to Apply page.

For any questions or issues regarding the application process you will need to contact the Graduate Research School.

Domestic (Australian and New Zealand residents) applicatants should contact

International applicants should contact


English Language Requirements

All applicants, domestic and international, must meet the English language entry requirements for the University before they can be offered admission.