Postgraduate Course List

The following courses are offered by BEES and link to the UNSW Online Handbook.

Please see the Biosciences Student Office for further information or queries on any of our courses or programs.

Semester 1

GEOS9011 Environmental Impact Assessment

GEOS9012 Remote Sensing Applications

GEOS9016 Principles of Geographic Information Systems and Science


Semester 2

BEES9011 Essential Skills for Research Students

BEES9011 Fundamental Knowledge in Environmental Management: Ecology

BIOS6671 Biodiversity and Conservation of Natural Resources

GEOS9013 Directed Problems in Remote Sensing

GEOS9017 Advanced Geographic Information Systems

GEOS9021 Image Analysis in Remote Sensing

MSCI5004 Oceanographic Processes

MSCI9001 Conservation in Aquatic Ecosystems