Plant and Equipment

All workers and others should be familiar with and must abide by the HS327 Plant and Equipment Procedure.

Plant includes any machinery, equipment, appliance, implement or tool or fitting thereof or accessory thereto. It also includes experimental or research apparatus designed, manufactured or supplied to staff and students by other staff and students or by a third party.

In summary, these following points must be observed:

  • All plant and equipment must have a nominated custodian (owner) who has the responsibility for maintenance, testing and inspecting as per the manufacturer’s instructions. This information should be recorded in the Plant and Equipment section of SafeSys. If it is not in SafeSys then this program should be recorded in the local area’s HS030 ITM Schedule.
  • Prior to purchase, all plant must be assessed using the HS316 Purchasing Guideline and records of the assessment should be recorded using HS633a pre-purchase checklist for equipment.
  • An item of plant should not be used until hazard identification is undertaken and appropriate risk management controls are in place. This process is documented on an RMF in Safesys.
  • Prior to using any plant or equipment, users must receive adequate training. This training should be recorded in the local area Training Needs Analysis spreadsheet and the level of training should be listed an SWP in Safesys. All users of the equipment must acknowledge their induction and training via the compliance button. Supervisors/custodians must ensure users are competent in the use of the equipment after receiving training.
  • A list of trained and competent users must be displayed with the item of plant.
  • SWP’s and emergency shutdown procedures must be displayed as close as possible to each item of equipment.
  • A HS088 Plant and Equipment Training Register should be maintained by the supervisor for each laboratory or workplace.
  • Decommissioning of plant and equipment must be done in accordance with HS principles (for example, removal of power plugs, removal of chemical or waste residues). See also HS723 Laboratory Decommissioning/Project Cessation Procedure
  • Details of the safe disposal of plant and equipment should be kept.
  • The custodian for the plant should ensure that it is used only for the purpose for which it was designed, unless a competent person has determined that the change in use does not constitute an HS risk.
  • If purchasing or acquiring second hand plant or equipment the maintenance records must be supplied with the equipment, or a competent person must verify it is safe. Safety features if currently required on new equipment may have to be retrospectively fitted. If the equipment is acquired for scrap (reuse of parts) it must be clearly labelled ‘for spare parts only’ and not brought back into service.