Performance: A Nerd's Nite

Two UNSW Science academics will take to the stage tonight for a display of learning and laughter as part of the Sydney Comedy Festival.

In what’s billed as a collision between academic brilliance and hilarity, UNSW Law’s Dr Justine Rogers will curate the Nerd Gala, a show guaranteed to “carry you up a guaranteed dozen IQ points”.

Also performing are: professor of evolution Rob Brooks, author of Sex, Genes & Rock 'n' Roll: How Evolution has Shaped the Modern World. Brooks will tease out the topic of What’s Wrong with Men; and Associate Professor Tom Denson, from the School of Psychology, who will investigate how to best manage anger and reduce aggression.

Other comedic talent in the line-up include Dan Ilic (Can of Worms, Hungry Beast, A Rational Fear, Afghanistandup); Jazz Twemlow (The Roast, A Rational Fear); and Alice Fraser (Cambridge Footlights, Aggressively Helpful, A Rational Fear).

Compere Rogers says the 90-minute show will appeal to anyone who likes a) comedy, b) learning, c) laughing, d) thinking or e) all of the above.

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