Suzy Evans

Senior Technical Officer

Suzy is a senior technical officer and marine ecologist in BEES. She completed her PhD in marine ecology at UNSW in 2014.

She provides technical support for marine research, teaching and fieldtrips, and works as the UNSW Snorkel Safety Officer and the back-up Boating and Diving Officer.

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Journal articles
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Book Chapters
Macreadie PI; Sullivan B; Evans SM; Smith TM, 2018, 'Biogeography of Australian seagrasses: NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and Temperate Queensland', in Larkum AWD; Kendrick GA; Ralph PJ (ed.), Seagrasses of Australia: Structure, Ecology and Conservation, Springer, Cham, pp. 31 - 59,

Technical support for:

  • BIOS3081 Ocean to Estuarine Ecosystems
  • BIOS3091 Marine & Aquatic Ecology
  • BIOS3011 Animal Behaviour
  • BIOS2031 Biology of Invertebrates
  • BEES2041 Data Analysis for Life and Earth Sciences
  • BEES6601 Introduction to the Sydney Environment