Joe Atkinson

PhD Candidate

Enhancing the predictability of large scale ecological restoration outcomes

My research focuses on variation in ecological restoration outcomes at multiple scales. For part of my PhD, I am using meta-analysis techniques to understand variability at global scales. In contrast, other parts of my work focus at the scale of individuals, monitoring plants in restorations through time, or tracking patch-level outcomes. I am particularly interested in the role of different provenancing strategies to bet-hedge and provide more reliable outcomes in the face of uncertain climatic conditions, as well using plant functional traits as a common currency to provide generalisations for restoration planning across a wide range of ecosystems. I utilise a range of statistical tools and GIS approaches to investigate these ideas.




J Atkinson, SP Bonser (2020) ‘Active’and ‘passive’ecological restoration strategies in metaanalysis Restoration Ecology (in-press)

J Atkinson, JB Kirkpatrick (2020) A short distance to the last glacial coast best explains a Tasmanian centre of endemism, Frontiers of Biogeography (in-press)

V HarrisonDay, J Atkinson, JB Kirkpatrick (2019) The origin and persistence of alpine vernal ponds in mineral soils, Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 44 (11), 2202-2210

Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

Restoration Ecology