Hayden Schilling

I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Sydney Institute of Marine Science and Conjoint Associate Lecturer at UNSW Sydney. My research interests include fish biology and coastal ecology and statistics, particularly focused on species which are targeted by fishers.

Working with the NSW Department of Primary Industries Fisheries, I am primarily interested in the drivers of fisheries production in eastern Australia. I investigate oceanic drivers including transport mechanisms and relate them to fisheries catch. I am also involved in projects looking at elemental concentrations of Lepas barnacles, ecology of artificial reefs and otolith shape analysis.

I conducted my PhD on tailor (Pomatomus saltatrix) in eastern Australia supervised by both UNSW and NSW Department of Primary Industries Fisheries. This species is a popular fish for both commercial and recreational fishers. My project was done in response to anecdotal declines in tailor. Working closely with NSW and QLD Fisheries, my research studied the ecology of tailor in eastern Australia and provided the ecological understanding for a successful management plan to ensure there are fish to catch and eat in the future. The four key aspects of my work were diet, reproduction, growth and juvenile habitat use.


Guest lecturer in:

  • MSCI2001 Introductory Marine Science
  • BIOS3081 Estuarine to Ocean Ecosystems
  • MSCI6681 Topics in Australian Marine Science


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