Areas of Expertise

Behavioural Ecology, Phenotypic plasticity, Biology of Aging, Animal Cognition

The main focus of my PhD is to understand how phenotypic plasticity and integration evolves and how early-life environments can influences plastic responses. I am using a lizard model system to test questions about how incubation environment changes an individual’s physiology, behaviour, cognition and life-history. Understanding how phenotypic traits respond in unison to early-life stressors will be crucial to preserving biodiversity. 

Supervisors: Professor Shinichi Nakagawa and Dr Daniel Noble


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Kar, F., Whiting, M.J. and Noble, D.W.A. (2017) Dominance and  social information use in a lizard. Animal Cognition, ahead of print. 

Kar, F., Whiting, M.J. and Noble, D.W.A. (2016) Influence of prior contest experience and level of escalation on contest outcome. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 1 – 11.

Kar, F., Lin, S., & Zhang, Z. Q. (2015). Neocypholaelaps novaehollandiae Evans (Acari: Ameroseiidae) rediscovered: experiments on its life history and behaviour. New Zealand Entomologist, 1-8.