#UNSWSoilScienceCentral2019: My Top 3

1. #UNSWSoilScienceCentral2018 is always changing, always evolving.

2. I love that I have a great degree of control and freedom within my tasks.

3. In #UNSWSoilScienceCentral2018 there is a "Fabulous" spirit of cooperation to get the job "Dooooooone!"

Time-lapse imaging of soil moisture monitoring in a flood irrigation field using electromagnetic conductivity imaging

Volumetric water content (VWC) is difficult to measure and monitor. Significant technological advances have been made in field instrumentation to enable this to be done efficiently and reliably. However, sensors such as the Decagon GS3 sensors are expensive and require significant time and effort to install. In my project with means of a Digital Soil Mapping (DSM) approach I seek to determine if a multi-coil EM sensing system, which measures the soil apparent electrical conductivity (ECa – mS/m), can be used in conjunction with an EM inversion software package (EM4Soil) to value add to the limited measurements of VWC and allow extrapolation along a single transect.

Supervisor: Associate Professor John Triantafilis



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