Anna Lewis

PhD Candidate

The diet and feeding behaviours of the Tasmanian devil

Understanding the diet and feeding behaviours of apex scavengers is essential for evaluating the role they play within an ecosystem and forming an effective strategy for their conservation. The Tasmanian devil is one of few mammalian species that has developed specialisations for scavenging food and does so in an environment free from many of the pressures facing over apex scavengers. My work uses stable isotope analysis and video camera trapping to look at devil diets in greater detail than previously possible. Currently, I am interested in whether this “generalist” scavenging species demonstrates individual diet and foraging specialisation, and what the drivers behind this behaviour may be.


Supervisors: Tracey Rogers and Neil Jordan



Lewis ACRankin KJPask AJStuart-Fox DStress-induced changes in color expression mediated by iridophores in a polymorphic lizardEcol Evol2017;7:82628272

Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

Tasmanian devils, diet, behaviour