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27 May 2013

Around 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year while one in seven people in the world go hungry - a topic that will be discussed at a UNSW...

23 May 2013

OPINION: This weekend I gained a grudging appreciation for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

22 May 2013

Five early-stage researchers have taken part in the NSW state finals of the Fresh Science competition, learning how best to communicate their...

21 May 2013

new study suggests that the short-term warming due to...

16 May 2013

A better understanding of how lying evolves might help constrain the worst dishonesties in politics, public relations and propaganda, writes...

14 May 2013

OPINION: Most of Australia’s population and infrastructure are on the coast.

13 May 2013

OPINION: The carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere has finally ...

9 May 2013

UNSW scientists have led the development of a new Red List system for identifying ecosystems at high risk of degradation, similar to the...

7 May 2013

Two UNSW Science academics will take to the stage tonight for a display of learning and laughter as part of the Sydney Comedy Festival.