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16 May 2013

A better understanding of how lying evolves might help constrain the worst dishonesties in politics, public relations and propaganda, writes...

14 May 2013

OPINION: Most of Australia’s population and infrastructure are on the coast.

13 May 2013

OPINION: The carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere has finally ...

9 May 2013

UNSW scientists have led the development of a new Red List system for identifying ecosystems at high risk of degradation, similar to the...

7 May 2013

Two UNSW Science academics will take to the stage tonight for a display of learning and laughter as part of the Sydney Comedy Festival.

7 May 2013

Most species of gigantic animals that once roamed Australia had disappeared by the time people arrived, a major review of the available evidence...

6 May 2013

A global, online survey has been launched to see whether surfers are the unsung “guardians” of the beach, rescuing people who might otherwise have...

26 April 2013

OPINION: The Mountain Pygmy-possum (Burramys parvus) is one of five living species of ...

12 April 2013

OPINION: It’s probably a truism to suggest that the study of human evolution gets more that its fair share of media attention and hype.