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31 July 2013

Slight changes in the timing of the annual loss of sea-ice in polar regions could have dire consequences for polar ecosystems, by allowing a lot...

29 July 2013

A new UNSW-led study modelling the impacts of an approved $47 million pipeline pumping water from the Macquarie River to Orange reveals far...

23 July 2013

Two tiny fossils - an ankle bone and a tooth - are prompting an overhaul of theories about marsupial evolution after they revealed unexpected...

22 July 2013

The richly coloured landscape at Fowlers Gap - the only research station in the arid zone of NSW - is a drawcard for artists.

19 July 2013

In putting the alleged Boston bomber on its cover, a US magazine draws a disturbing parallel between the young man and the sexually attractive "...

15 July 2013

Dr Robin Beck and Dr Angela Crean, of the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental...

11 July 2013

Hopping does not help Australian marsupials save energy; instead the physical feat requires the aerobic capacity of a super-athlete, UNSW research...

5 July 2013

The School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences is host of the annual scientific meeting of the Australian Mammal Society.

1 July 2013

A UNSW-led initiative using online educational tools such as game-like quests and virtual labs to teach maths and science to high school students...

1 July 2013

A bizarre, pouched super-predator that terrorised South America millions of years ago had huge sabre-like teeth but its bite was weaker than that...