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22 January 2019

An international research team has, for the first time, provided a global insight into what will happen if our groundwater systems start to see...

10 January 2019

The world’s top sea level expert, UNSW Sydney Professor John Church, has become the first Australian to win the...

20 December 2018

A joint study between UNSW Sydney and the University of Queensland (UQ) has mapped the world’s intertidal zones for the first time to reveal a...

13 December 2018

Sex robots are not just coming, they are already here.

6 December 2018

Professor Emma Johnston, Dean of Science at UNSW Sydney, has won the prestigious Royal Society of NSW 2018...

3 December 2018

Blue whales around the world have been dropping pitch incrementally over several decades, but the cause has remained a mystery. A new ...

29 November 2018

Nineteen researchers from UNSW Sydney and its affiliates have been included in the 2018 list of Highly Cited...

29 November 2018

Mounting evidence that platypus populations are falling has concerned scientists who are nearing the end of a three-year national survey of the...

28 November 2018

UNSW Sydney has topped the nation with $45m in funding for the most university research projects through the latest round of Australian Research...

27 November 2018

A mysterious shaggy giant species of rhinoceros – named the Siberian unicorn due to its enormous single horn – turns out to have survived in...