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25 October 2018

Scientists have developed a revolutionary way to determine if animals are being illegally trafficked.

19 October 2018

The extinction of one of Australia’s top predators, Thylacoleo carnifex – aka the marsupial lion – was likely a result of changing...

19 October 2018

Scientists are asking local communities to help restore endangered Posidonia seagrass meadows by collecting shoots that naturally become detached...

17 October 2018

A database of larval fish collected over the last three decades and analysed by UNSW researchers will help scientists assess the effects of...

12 October 2018

During our evolutionary history, what biological elements played a key role in giving us the ability to be musical?

28 September 2018

In the late 19th century, the irrepressible Mark Twain is reputed to have...

27 September 2018

Australian rural communities face hardships during extended drought, and it is generally appropriate that governments then provide special support...

20 September 2018

A music video raising awareness about plastic pollution demonstrates that effective science communication comes in many forms. ...