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13 September 2019

Young environmental scientist Tashya Miranda is applying her marine biology skills and knowledge to improving Sydney's water.

5 September 2019

How should we be building along the global coast? A framework by UNSW scientists delivers some much-needed answers.

2 September 2019

UNSW scientists have shown a group of Mars specialists the secrets of the remote Pilbara's ancient rocks - all in preparation for NASA's...

12 August 2019

Declines in platypus have likely been underestimated, new research by UNSW scientists has shown.

7 August 2019

Australasian palaeontologists have discovered the world’s largest parrot, standing up to 1m tall with a massive beak able to crack most food...

31 July 2019

Coalition minister Angus Taylor is under scrutiny for possibly intervening in the clearing of grasslands in the southern highlands of New South...

22 July 2019

The 4 billion year voyage of life on Earth is written in the rocks.