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8 April 2019

A UNSW Sydney study has ended an argument about whether or not dingoes have an effect on feral cat populations in the outback, finding that the...

1 April 2019

This month corals in Lord Howe Island Marine Park began showing signs of bleaching.

29 March 2019

Off the back of outstanding results in the Australian Research Council’s (ARC) 2018 Excellence in Research for...

29 March 2019

Dr Jodi Rowley explains why frogs are so vital for healthy ecosystems, how she is working to conserve them and the positive impact she has...

28 March 2019

A barrier just 50km wide might stop water-reliant cane toads in their tracks.

27 March 2019

Climate extremes are killing Australian trees, but we don't know where they're dying.

26 March 2019
Games that make science accessible for students are accelerating learning.
25 March 2019

What happens to a swamp (wetland) when you dig a longwall coal mine beneath it?

19 March 2019

A UNSW Sydney project to tackle one of the world’s most difficult environmental problems has received a $779,000 grant in the latest round of...

14 March 2019

Rivers running dry, algal blooms, more fish kills and towns running out of water will all continue to plague the next NSW government if it...