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25 June 2019

Where did life originate? How did the galaxies evolve? How is climate changing?

19 June 2019

Explore the hidden wonder of Sydney's coral reefs or discover the feminist history of the internet when UNSW celebrates all things science...

11 June 2019

Professor Emma Johnston and Professor Martin Van Kranendonk will be panellists on an upcoming ABC Q&A episode airing live from Sydney on...

7 June 2019

Ahead of tomorrow’s World Oceans Day, UNSW scientists are sharing their experience and expertise in celebration of our oceans.

7 June 2019
50% of surveyed NSW coastal users don’t think that sea level rise will impact them, a report into the NSW...
30 May 2019

Size limits of the key fishing species tailor in NSW waters may need to be reconsidered after researchers noted that its biology has changed over...

29 May 2019

A UNSW alumnus’ love for scuba diving took him on a marine science tour – from seagrass research to now working at an abalone hatchery....

28 May 2019

Leading UNSW conservation scientist Dr Nicholas Murray has been selected as Australia’s nominee for the APEC Science Prize for Innovation...

24 May 2019

UNSW scientists have added to the growing body of research into genetic markers that are important for animal conservation.

22 May 2019

On this year’s International Day of Biodiversity, we are showcasing some of our scientists who are working to safeguard our ecosystems –...