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25 March 2019

What happens to a swamp (wetland) when you dig a longwall coal mine beneath it?

19 March 2019

A UNSW Sydney project to tackle one of the world’s most difficult environmental problems has received a $779,000 grant in the latest round of...

14 March 2019

Rivers running dry, algal blooms, more fish kills and towns running out of water will all continue to plague the next NSW government if it...

8 March 2019

A new study looking at variations in past sea ice cover in the Norwegian Sea found the shrinkage and growth of ice was instrumental in several...

4 March 2019

World Wildlife Day on March 3 in the United Nations calendar is a global annual event that raises awareness of the world’s wild animals and plants...

28 February 2019

Two UNSW academics have been honoured by Australian Academy of Science for their research on the impact of ocean currents on the global climate...

27 February 2019

Since colonisation, a dizzying array of Australia’s native species and ecosystems have been...

26 February 2019

As a leading authority in marine ecology, Professor Emma Johnston is a prominent advocate for more women at the top tiers of science.

19 February 2019

A species of beach daisy from South Africa has undergone substantial and unexpected changes since arriving in Australia in the 1930s, a new study...

13 February 2019

There is no conclusive evidence that the Australian dingo was once domesticated, UNSW scientists reveal, challenging the notion that the animal is...