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7 August 2018

Many Aboriginal Australians would say with conviction that they have always been here.

3 August 2018

Three research students studying crayweed on Sydney’s coastline, the effects of diet on sperm and semen traits, and...

180718 UNSW Science World Subject Rankings
2 August 2018

UNSW Sydney’s School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences performed strongly in the latest ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic...

2 August 2018

UNSW scientists have received almost $4m from the Australian Research Council (ARC) for 5 projects in key research...

1 August 2018

A talk by Australia’s quantum computing pioneer, tours of electronic waste microfactories, a workshop about seaweed restoration along Sydney’s...

1 August 2018

New research by UNSW scientists points to prehistoric mass graves being related to tsunamis.

27 July 2018

A mapmaking app created by UNSW scientists harnesses the power of Google and NASA to empower ecologists to create a view on ecosystems...

13 July 2018

Scientists from the faculty’s Climate Change Research Centre (CCRC) have been featured three times in Nature – a top scientific journal – in the...

13 July 2018

You might say it’s the ultimate prize of science, to discover when, where and why humans evolved.

11 July 2018

Researchers seeking answers to the cause of a sudden rise in atmospheric CO2 in a period of less than 100 years about 16,000 years ago...