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2 April 2020

UNSW Sydney has brought a global alliance of top climate change researchers together to provide a new, international platform for...

27 March 2020

It is well known that agriculture developed independently in New Guinea 7000 years ago, but evidence of its influence on how people lived...

17 March 2020

DNA evidence from the Himba society in Namibia overturns ideas about genetic paternity, and about what it means to be a father....

17 March 2020

Ancient rocks from Greenland have shown that the elements necessary for the evolution of life did not come to Earth until very late in the...

10 March 2020

A research team has used coral records to reconstruct the variability of the Indian Ocean Dipole – a big player in the severe drought and...

4 March 2020

Males of most animal species die earlier than females because their smaller Y chromosome is unable to protect an unhealthy X chromosome,...

3 March 2020

A new study has reported the world will lose almost half of its valuable sandy beaches by 2100 as sea levels rise.

27 February 2020

Caves are easily forgotten when fire rips through the bush, but despite their robustness the long-term impact...

27 February 2020

Perhaps 2°C doesn't sound like much, but if you look through history, 2°C temperature changes have had huge effects on the planet and...

25 February 2020

The absence of climate drivers – specifically, the Indian Ocean Dipole and La Niña – explains why Australia...