Meet the Professors

Monday 4 November, 2019
3:30 pm – 4:30 pm AEDT
UNSW GATE 9 The Chancellery - Council Chambers Kensington Sydney, NSW 2052

The 2019 Meet the Professors series is a wonderful chance for students and staff to celebrate the careers and achievements of our newly promoted and recruited professors. Our speakers will share their specialist knowledge and provide insights into ‘what’ and ‘who’ influenced their lives and careers.

Professor Shinichi Nakagawa, School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, UNSW Science

Shinichi's research interests are very diverse but usually fall into three categories: Animal Behaviour, Evolutionary Biology and Applied Statistics. His main model organisms have primarily been birds (sparrows, dunnocks and penguins), but he has also worked with earthworms, amphipods, frogs and fish. Currently, his main experimental model is zebrafish in collaboration with Dr Dan Hesselson at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research.

Lecture: Evolution and Ecology of Meta-analysis

In 1976, Richard Dawkins published his most influential work “The Selfish Gene” where he explained the power and evolution and coined the term “meme”. The same year, the new meme “meta-analysis” was introduced by a psychologist, Gene Glass. Meta-analysis combines evidence from multiple studies on the same topics and one of the most powerful tools modern-day scientists have. I was born in 1976 in Japan, unaware of how these two publications would influence my life later on. I will discuss the “evolution and ecology” of this important scientific tool, meta-analysis including how I met meta-analysis and fell in love with it, and how I contributed to its evolution. I will also speculate on the future of meta-analysis and related methods. Further, I reflect on my scientific journey and how wonderful people I met shaped me and my science through this talk.

Please see Professor Shinichi Nakagawa webpage HERE

Professor Alistair Poore, School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, UNSW Science

Alistair is a Professor at the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, UNSW and he is the head of the school as well. His research is focussed on the ecology and evolution of marine invertebrates, macroalgae and seagrasses, the effects of disturbance on coastal ecosystems, and the adaptation of marine organisms to environmental stresses.

Lecture: How grazing animals shape our world

From mammals and insects on land to fish and invertebrates in the sea, herbivores profoundly change the world around us. In this lecture, I will demonstrate how grazing animals shape plant communities and how the consumption of plants has played an important role in the evolution of animal diversity. I will further discuss how plant-animal interactions are affected by environmental change and how my research has been enriched by important mentors, colleagues and students throughout my career.

Please see Professor Alistair Poore webpage HERE


Location: The Chancellery, Council Chambers (C22), UNSW Sydney, Kensington.

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