Lisa Alexander
Professor Lisa Alexander
Field of Research: 
Climatology (excl. Climate Change Processes); Climate Change Processes; Meteorology
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+61 2 9385 8954

Room 463
Mathews Building (F23)
UNSW, Kensington 2052

Research & Current Projects


Variability and driving mechanisms of climate extremes especially understanding changes in the intensity, frequency and duration of heavy precipitation



Has rainfall become more variable or extreme? (DP160103439)




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Research Team

Dr Margot Bador (Research Associate)

James Goldie (PhD candidate) – Effect of humidity on hospital admission rates across climatic zones

Stefan Contractor (PhD candidate) – Is rainfall becoming more variable or extreme?

Mia Gross (PhD candidate) – Is temperature becoming more extreme? A comprehensive assessment of the variability of temperature extremes

Duarte Costa (PhD candidate) – The combined effect of changes in global climate and local land cover in aggravating heatwave characteristics in Brazil



Andrew King (PhD, 2015) – An investigation into extreme rainfall variability in Australia

Acacia Pepler (PhD, 2017) – The influences on Australian East Coast Lows in present and future climates

Tanya Lippmann (Honours, 2012) – Natural and anthropogenic drivers of Australian temperature extremes, simulated over the last millennium

James Goldie (Honours, 2014) - Observed humidity and hospital morbidity near Darwin, Australia

Mia Gross (Honours, 2015) - Sector-specific impacts of heat extremes in New South Wales, Australia

Kate Simmonds (Honours, 2017) - The influence of sea surface temperature variability on climate extremes in observations and models



CLIM3001  (Course Coordinator)

GEOS2711 (Lecturer)

CLIM1001 (Guest Lecturer)



Some recent publications:-

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