Laboratory and Workshop Management

All workers who have responsibilities for work areas (laboratories, workshops, glasshouse, and materials preparation areas) should be familiar with the relevant HS procedures and guidelines listed on the UNSW HS website.

This is a brief guide to assist workers in charge of work areas listed above meet their HS responsibilities. Work area supervisors must follow this protocol and ensure all persons working in the area under their control are sufficiently trained to work competently and safely.

  1. The purpose and nature of the activities undertaken in the area must be defined and documented in a Local Area Safety Document or Manual.

  2. The hierarchy of responsibilities and accountabilities of the area management must be documented using HS658 Local Area Responsibility Matrix and signed by the persons nominated. A copy of this document should be given to the School HS Manager for incorporation into the HS658 for BEES.

  3. The assigned Local Area Supervisor must be familiar with the Supervisor’s responsibilities outlined in HS336 Health and Safety Responsibility, Authority and Accountability Procedure and ensure all the duties required to manage the responsibilities relevant to their area are competently performed.

  4. All hazards and risks associated with the work conducted in the area must be identified, assessed and risk controls implemented. This process is documented using the Risk Management Form (Safesys). Where required documented instruction should be displayed on a Safe Work Procedure Form (Safesys).

  5. Area supervisors must ensure that all relevant HS Procedures and Guidelines outlined in the UNSW HSMS are followed and documentation kept in accordance.

  6. The area and equipment used in the area should be maintained in accordance with HS327 Plant and Equipment Procedure and the work environment regularly monitored using appropriate Workplace Inspection Forms HS048ab. Risk controls identified for the area should be regularly reviewed and documented using HS729 Laboratory Review Form.

  7. Area supervisors should have documentation listing all projects or activities currently undertaken in their area, and the names of the persons in charge and working on the project/activity.

  8. Upon completion of a project or decommissioning of the area the HS723 Laboratory Decommissioning/Project Cessation Procedure must be adhered to and records kept.

  9. Copies of all HS documentation should be uploaded into the UNSW Health and Safety On-line system SafeSys.