JJ Frankel Memorial Lecture

The JJ Frankel Memorial Lecture is an Annual Event jointly presented by the NSW Division of the Geological Society of Australia and the School of BEES. This annual lecture celebrates the life of J.J. (Joe) Frankel, the Foundation Professor of Geology at UNSW.


Professor Jack Joseph Frankel

MSc (Rhodes) 1936, DSc (Cape Town), 1946

Rhodes Officer, Minerals Research Laboratory, University of the Witwatersrand, 1938-1942

Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor, University of Natal, 1947-1962

Foundation Professor of Geology, University of New South Wales, 1962-1974

Inaugural Head, School of Applied Geology, University of New South Wales, 1963-1973



  Date Lecturer Lecture Title
6 Wednesday  Dr J F Huntington Landsat and beyond:  Future role of Remote Sensing in Geosciences
  26/09/1984 C.S.I.R.O.
7 Wednesday  Prof. A Cook Organic matter come out of the closet
  9/10/1985 University of Wollongong
8 Wednesday  Dr R W Henley Modern geoscience as an aid to gold exploration
  15/10/1986 Bureau of Mineral Resources
9 Wednesday  Dr I H Campbell The role of convection in the formation of platinum rich horizons in layered intrusions.
  21/10/1987 Australian National University
10 Friday Dr K R Johnson Myths and models - surviving the data explosion
  9/09/1988 K R Johnson Associates
11 Wednesday Dr B L Gulson From ore body to your body with lead isotope finger-printing
   11/10/89 C.S.I.R.O.
12 Friday A/Prof F C Loughnan Flint clays in the Sydney Basin and their bearing on the interpretation of the Permian climate
  30/11/1990 UNSW
13 Wednesday  Mr R W Corkery Proactive environmental management in mines and quarries
  11/09/1991 R W Corkery & Co Pty Ltd
14 Wednesday  Dr D A Falvey Frontier Petroleum Provinces in Australia
  16/09/1992 Bureau of Mineral Resources
15 Wednesday  Mr C Pigram Tectonic Development of the New Guinea Orogen
  13/10/1993 Australian Geological Survey Organisation
16 Wednesday  Prof C F K Diessel  From Cyclothems to Sequences: Current Problems in Coal Geology
  14/10/1994  University of Newcastle
17 Wednesday  Dr A Green Airborne and Spaceborne Mineral Exploration Technologies
  13/09/1995 CRC for Australian Mineral Exploration Technologies
18 Wednesday Prof P.J. Davies The Great Barrier Reef - Biologic Dreams or Geologic Visions
   11/09/96 Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Sydney
19 Wednesday Prof M Archer Lessons from Palaeontology for Present-day Conservationists
  10/09/1997 UNSW
20 Wednesday  Prof J Roberts Evolution of the New England Fold Belt
  18/11/1998 UNSW
21 Wednesday Dr G Carr  Mineral Exploration in the 21st Century - Glass Earth or Crystal Ball?
  8/09/1999 CSIRO Exploration and Mining
22 Wednesday Dr E.D. Tyne Re-inventing Geological Mapping in the Information Age
  13/11/2002 Geological Survey of NSW
23 Wednesday A/Prof. G. Taylor Weathering: it happens like it or not
  17/09/2003 Canberra University
24 Wednesday Prof. M. Walter Early life on Earth and the search for life on Mars
  15/09/2004 Macquarie University
25 Wednesday Dr J. Bradshaw Burying the problem: Will geosequestration solve the challenge of increasingC02 emission?
  21/09/2005 Geoscience Australia
26 Wednesday J. Ross Deep Groundwater Resources in the Sydney Basin
  20/09/2006 Sydney Catchment Authority
27 Wednesday Prof. C. Ward A new look at an old fuel: will coal survive the 21stcentury?
  19/09/2007 UNSW
28 Wednesday Mr L. Gilligan New frontiers in geoscience
   24/09/08 Geological Survey of NSW
29 Wednesday Mr Peter Fox Coal Seam Gas: A New Energy Resource for NSW
  12/10/2011 Eastern Star Gas