Dr Jaz Lawes
Visiting Academic
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Research & Current Projects


I am an impact ecologist with a focus on conservation and science communication and education. I am particularly interested on the ecological impacts of humans on our environment and the conservation of endemic species, which are increasingly under threat. I have worked in marine and terrestrial systems investigating impacts of pollution and climate change in marine systems and behavioural adaptation and conservation projects in western NSW and QLD. I work with many different animals including echidnas, bridled nailtail wallabies, flatback turtles, bilbies, small terrestrial vertebrates, and subtidal marine communities.


  • Factors Affecting Successful Reintroduction: Does a novel conservation strategy increase survival for the bridled nailtail wallaby (Onychogalea fraenata)? (CES)
  • Behavioural Ecology of Echidnas in a semi-arid environment (CES)
  • Designing seawalls for biodiversity (AMEE)


Research Team


Alexandra Ross (PhD candidate) – Improving the reintroduction success of Australian species

Ellena Tsanidis (Honours candidate) – The behavioural ecology of an urban long-nosed bandicoot population

Tom Garman (Honours candidate) – Habitat connectivity of long-nosed bandicoots and exploring their potential as a keystone species within an urban environment


Alexandra Ross (Honours 2015) Predator and prey interactions: an assessment of their health, activity and disease seroprevalence in Central Queensland.

Thanuri Welaratne (Honours 2016) Domestic vs. wild: the effect large herbivore grazing on small mammal and reptile populations.



Lawes, J. C., Dafforn, K. A., Clark, G. F., Brown, M. V., & Johnston, E. L. (2017). Multiple stressors in sediments impact adjacent hard substrate habitats and across biological domains. Science of the Total Environment592, 295-305.

Lawes, J. C., Neilan, B. A., Brown, M. V., Clark, G. F., & Johnston, E. L. (2016). Elevated nutrients change bacterial community composition and connectivity: high throughput sequencing of young marine biofilms. Biofouling32(1), 57-69.

Lawes, J. C., Clark, G. F., & Johnston, E. L. (2016). Contaminant cocktails: Interactive effects of fertiliser and copper paint on marine invertebrate recruitment and mortality. Marine pollution bulletin102(1), 148-159.

Lawes J. C., Clark G. F., & Johnston E.L. (2016). Contaminant Cocktails: Identifying Direct, Indirect and Interactive Effects of Contaminants on Micro- and Macrofouling Communities. Ph.D. UNSW

Lawes, J. C. (2009). The behavioural ecology of echidnas at an arid ephemeral creek in north-western New South Wales. B.Sc.(Honours) Thesis, University of New South Wales, Sydney.