Dr Jaz Lawes
Technical Officer
Contact details:
+61 2 9385 2124
Room LG015

Biological Sciences South (E26)
UNSW, Kensington 2052

Research & Current Projects


I am an impact ecologist with a focus on conservation and science communication and education. I am particularly interested on the ecological impacts of humans on our environment and the conservation of endemic species, which are increasingly under threat. I have worked in marine and terrestrial systems investigating impacts of pollution and climate change in marine systems and behavioural adaptation and conservation projects in western NSW and QLD. I work with many different animals including echidnas, bridled nailtail wallabies, flatback turtles, bilbies, small terrestrial vertebrates, and subtidal marine communities.


  • Factors Affecting Successful Reintroduction: Does a novel conservation strategy increase survival for the bridled nailtail wallaby (Onychogalea fraenata)? (CES)
  • Behavioural Ecology of Echidnas in a semi-arid environment (CES)
  • Designing seawalls for biodiversity (AMEE)


Teaching Courses

MSCI2001 Introductory Marine Science (Course convener) 

BIOS3123/9123 Conservation In Practice (Course convener)

BEES6601 An Introduction to the Sydney Environment (Course convener)

BIOS2123 Ecosystem Conservation and Management (Teaching support)

BIOS2061 Vertebrate Zoology (Teaching support)

BIOS3161 Life in Arid Lands (Teaching support)


Research Team


Alexandra Ross (PhD candidate) – Improving the reintroduction success of Australian species

Ellena Tsanidis (Honours candidate) – The behavioural ecology of an urban long-nosed bandicoot population

Tom Garman (Honours candidate) – Habitat connectivity of long-nosed bandicoots and exploring their potential as a keystone species within an urban environment


Alexandra Ross (Honours 2015) Predator and prey interactions: an assessment of their health, activity and disease seroprevalence in Central Queensland.

Thanuri Welaratne (Honours 2016) Domestic vs. wild: the effect large herbivore grazing on small mammal and reptile populations.



Lawes, J. C., Dafforn, K. A., Clark, G. F., Brown, M. V., & Johnston, E. L. (2017). Multiple stressors in sediments impact adjacent hard substrate habitats and across biological domains. Science of the Total Environment592, 295-305.

Lawes, J. C., Neilan, B. A., Brown, M. V., Clark, G. F., & Johnston, E. L. (2016). Elevated nutrients change bacterial community composition and connectivity: high throughput sequencing of young marine biofilms. Biofouling32(1), 57-69.

Lawes, J. C., Clark, G. F., & Johnston, E. L. (2016). Contaminant cocktails: Interactive effects of fertiliser and copper paint on marine invertebrate recruitment and mortality. Marine pollution bulletin102(1), 148-159.

Lawes J. C., Clark G. F., & Johnston E.L. (2016). Contaminant Cocktails: Identifying Direct, Indirect and Interactive Effects of Contaminants on Micro- and Macrofouling Communities. Ph.D. UNSW

Lawes, J. C. (2009). The behavioural ecology of echidnas at an arid ephemeral creek in north-western New South Wales. B.Sc.(Honours) Thesis, University of New South Wales, Sydney.