HS Forms

The table below is a summary of the UNSW forms commonly used in the School.

To access the latest version of a form go to the Safety Website:



Only electronic copies of the forms are accepted by the HS Manager or Finance Manager. No paper copies are accepted.   bees-fieldwork@unsw.edu.au


Form name



Record Keeping

HS006 Induction Form







Keep locally or use MyUNSW

HS703 After Hours Approval


Attach to SafeSys Activity & keep locally

HS009 Fieldwork Participant form


Keep locally, keep confidential

HS010 Volunteer Approval Request


Email bees-fieldwork@unsw.edu.au

HS048a  Workplace Inspection Checklist – Office


Area Manager


Upload top issues to Health Safety and Environment via MyUNSW - WPI

HS048b Workplace Inspection Checklist –  Laboratory and Workshops

HS049 Induction Form - Laboratory

Keep locally

HS630 Induction Form – Visitors

Keep locally


Volunteer Approval

When completing HS010 Fieldwork Volunteer Approval Request Form note:  the applicant is the person who the volunteer is helping, and the supervisor is the academic supervisor. If an academic supervisor is engaging the volunteer then write SUPERVISOR in the space for the applicant. It is essential that the supervisor ensures volunteers receive appropriate inductions and copies of the records of induction are kept by all parties.

Private Vehicles

Use of a private vehicle requires submission of the finance form MV1 – Approval for Use of Private Vehicle . Scan and email the approved MV1, a copy of the vehicle's current registration, and comprehensive insurance receipt to bees-fieldwork@unsw.edu.au


4. Dive Forms

All forms related to diving and snorkelling are filled out and given to the Dive Officer.

5. Boating Forms

All forms related to boat use are filled out and given to the Scientific Boating Officer.