Higher degree research programs

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

A Doctor of Philosophy Degree requires three years full-time study and completion of a written thesis. The thesis is reviewed by members of the Australian and international scientific academic community. In the course of their research, PhD students must make a distinct contribution to the knowledge within their specific discipline. Ideally, this will result in the publication of original research findings in peer-reviewed journals of international standing.

Biological Science (Program Code: 1435)

Climate Science (Program Code: 1476)

Environmental Management (Program Code: 1425)

Geology (Program Code: 1000)

Geography (Program Code: 1080)


Masters by Research

The BEES Masters by Research program requires a minimum of one and a half years of full-time study and preparation of a written thesis. Once completed, the thesis is examined by members of the Australian and international scientific academic community.

Biological Science (Program Code: 2485)

Climate Science (Program Code: 2476)

Geology (Program Code: 2000)

Geography (Program Code: 2040)


Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

A Master of Philosophy degree provides students with a qualification that combines research training with a substantial coursework component. The program requires students to undertake three semesters of supervised research. The outcomes of the research project are then reported in a thesis, which is examined. The MPhil is an internationally recognised research degree, that sits somewhere between a BSc and a PhD. The MPhil is a research degree designed to be completed over for 3 semesters, or 1.5 years, during which 3 subjects of coursework are undertaken.

Science (Program Code: 2475) - BEES MPhil Specialisations include: Biological Science, Environmental Management and Geoscience