Botany Street Construction Works - Also known as the Hospital Precinct Works

Fortnightly updates are provided by Estate Management these are emailed in the daily bulletin for your reference.

If the works are causing a health and safety issue then please log this into MyUNSW as either a hazard or incident no injury if no one was hurt.

Due to the release of the new UNSW HS website many links in the documents listed about and below are no longer active.

If the link does not lead you to your required destination, please find the document using the following link:

Click these links to access the UNSW Work Health and Safety Policy and the UNSW Policy Statement

In the event of an emergency please phone Security Services on 5-6666 or from a mobile 938 5-6666.

The School of Biological Earth and Environmental Sciences (BEES) is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all people who work, study or visit BEES administered space and /or are affected by BEES off-Campus activities. To achieve this goal, the School of BEES adheres to the policies, procedures and guidelines that comprise The University of NSW Health and Safety Management System (HSMS).

The information set out in this website explains and amplifies the HS information and procedures relevant to BEES found on the UNSW HS website.  Most links on this website are to specific UNSW HS documents, procedures and guidelines, but there are some links to documents developed by BEES. It is best practice to download UNSW HS templates from the UNSW HS website at the time of use rather than save on your computer, as all documents are regularly reviewed and modified to conform to legislative changes.

It is the responsibility of BEES supervisors to ensure that these HS policies, guidelines and procedures are adopted and implemented in their respective work areas and research units. In addition, it is each supervisor’s responsibility to ensure their staff, students, contractors and visitors to follow them. 

All Risk Management Forms and Safe Work Procedures are created and stored in Safesys

If you cannot access Safesys (Login) please contact the BEES Safesys Administrator (Theresa Kahwati). Fieldwork and equipment management are also documented in Safesys. Contact the Administrator above for more details.

Under UNSW procedures, health and safety forms are signed off by the supervisor.  As supervisors may be self-approvers in Safesys they are strongly advised to ensure their Health and Safety documents are reviewed by the BEES Health and Safety Manager prior to approval. (Note: in Safesys the workflow dictates that the approver must approve or reject a form before changes to work flow can be made e.g. change Approver).

If this page needs updating please email SCI BEES FieldWork